Roses - the humorous side

Articles by Jim Delahanty

I am proud to present four articles written by Jim Delahanty from the U.S.
For all of us who take roses seriously, and sometimes too seriously, these four articles will be a great pleasure - and sometimes they will hold the mirror in front of us.
Jim Delahanty was born in 1935 in New Jersey.  He graduated from Rutgers
University in 1957 in History, M.A. 1958 in Political Science.  Ph.d ABA (UCLA)1962 in political science. JD (Loyola Law) 1979. Today Jim grows about 250 different polyanthas and has served as ARS Chair of the Local Society Relations Committee, the Editorial Advisory Committee (2009-12) and does currently head up a committee to excerpt articles for reference in ‘The American Rose,’ the magazine of the American Rose Society.  He belongs to 7 local societies and has been president of Ventura County Rose Society for six of the last seven years.
Jim is married to same wonderful woman since 1964. (so are his own words)
Jim Delahanty died unexpectedly on July 26. 2013.
He will be missed.